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About me

Hi, I’m Bryan Azzopardy and I’m a 'story teller and luxury wedding filmmaker. 


I love telling stories and crafting cinematic wedding films that are brimming with love and emotions. Love stories that will be retold for generations. To me every wedding is different and I challenge myself to create individual love stories for each individual couple.

My wedding films are about the little things, the smiles, the tears, the sparkles in the eyes and the lips that anticipate the kiss of the loved one. It's about capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow.


You are the most important people for me on your wedding day.

It's not about me directing your big day or having to awkwardly pose for my camera.

It's about ensuring that filming you on your big day is also part of the fun for you.


My cameras are small and don’t have any bright lights attached to them. This minimalistic, discreet and laid back approach enables me to and candidly capture real and raw moments by being an unobtrusive observer and not a director.

The filming on your big day is only a small fraction of the work that goes into creating your wedding film. The magic continues in post-production where so much more 'love' and hours are dedicated to creating your wedding films.


Each wedding film I create is different and once your story has been created each clip is lovingly colour-graded using the same cinematic colour grading techniques and film emulsions that are used to colour blockbuster Hollywood movies.


I believe your 'love- story' deserves to be pampered in this way!


So if you like my style of work and approach let's talk about creating your love story!


"Candidly and unobtrusively capturing raw, real and authentic moments to tell your love story."

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